As Billie and Schussel the amusing gong escape

Know you as one feels if one no good eight-stories read out gets? I white it, there feels man quite miserablly, as now Billie and Schussel feel. Thus Billie and Schussel have a poster of a large box, with many doors which one open can, it were more ungefaer 3 long doors, 2 short doors, 1 narrow Tuere, 4 drawers, 2 large doors, and 1 small Tuere, then it looked out. Schussel sits in its bed and walks: " I want to hear, I want, I want a good eight-history, immediately ". Billie says quite calmly: " Will I also gladly however it go would have that to stop not equivalent in such a way, as one it gladly ". Schussel says: " Then I go to stop through a door, through the first for a long time door, and there we become our good eight-history wars, i.e. we come into a yard where our teacher are located and...... a gong in the hand hold ". " however Nanu there is our whole class! " call Billie and Schussel as from a mouth. Schussel is times again Vorlaut and calls: " Hello glatzkopf Felix beautifully which there you are. " In the teachers had forbidden these words nevertheless. " Mr. Johann Schussel Swoboda participates however natural equal with the mud shooting. " Billie says quietly to itself. But exactly in the moment after it had said, shot that to her already a large mud ball in's face. That had been Schussel. Schussel called: " Mach comes along. " Billie called more zornig:"Hoer, I wants not to take part in that is not merry. " But Schussel called: " But that is already merry. " It pulled it at the lever however Billie remained stubborn and did not agitate themselves not from the mark. Schussel became in addition, zornig and bawled at its sister: " stubborn Bloede sister! " Now it was enough to Billie entgueltig. It tore itself from its brother loosely and went to the teacher. She wanted to say to him that Schussel did not leave her in peace, but before curiosity she forgot her anger completely, and decided the teacher to ask, what had it with this gong on itself. The teacher said: " now, for example I legend break out, we have only one hour, we have also only one, and to break out I will say also in 2 minutes, if I would thus say now, children break out, her would not hear. But if I would strike on the gong, they all would have sat good there and would have all geschrien: COUNT, A COUNTING, A COUNTING! Exactly I will now make that. Well as that pleases you? " Billie said stotternd: " S... s... s... s... very good D... d... that is so... so... even egg... egg... a Su... su... by I... i... idea. " Billie runs as fast as it only can to its brother and erzaelt it everything. Schussel frightened as it that heard. He said fast: " come we smell better before our teacher the gong strikes. " Billie and Schussel run as fast as them their legs to only carry can, as if it would concern its life. Billie and Schussel are situated keuchend in their beds. Even ones one still hears the gong impact of its Lehrer's and the Gerufe of the whole class. " finally peace. " Billie thought. Billie and Schussel sleep calm down.