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February 16th, 2003 (1:40 PM):
if ($TIME==free) then {make_cool_stuff}
September 21st, 2002:
"When I was running Windows, I used Eudora, because I hated Outlook's interface, and I've always felt that Outlook's handling of email is secondary to it's primary purpose: spreading worms and virii. Now look, I'm not cracking on Outlook users, okay? As a matter of fact, I wrote a great new game just for Outlook users! It is my first try. I wish you would like it."
August 14th, 2002 (just before 11:13 AM):
"Of course, I tend to not put a whole lot of stock in what I read online...if I did I'd be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of hot teen bitches who want to get naked for me right now, and I'd be rolling in Nigerian money."
August 13th, 2002:
"The Open Source movement really appeals to my anarchistic and individualistic tendencies..."
April 2002:
"I wonder if The Lesson is that, in order to succeed, I need to rely upon myself, trust myself, love myself, and not put my happiness and sadness into the hands of others."

-- Bounce